Britons spend more time on smartphone: study

A survey done in Britain suggests that most people check their mobile phones on an average of 1,500 times a week and that too even before the sun rises.

The conclusion was made after analysing the smartphone habits of 2,000 Britons, those who did the survey found that smartphone users were picking up their phones early in the morning and staying up with them till 11.21 pm on an average.

While 40% checked their personal emails as their first task of the day, 31% made their first task checking Facebook.

Nearly 70% said they used their phone in public to make themselves look busy.

While 11% of users picked up their phone for the first time before 6 am, up to 13% said they stopped using their phones only after midnight. To add, 16% checked the news on their phones as their first task but 39% looked at personal emails first.

Women checked work emails once a day and men a bit more than twice a day. Personal email-checking occurred about four times a day for both genders, researchers noted.

Men played games more often than women — three times a day — while women played twice a day on average.

Women sent an average of six text messages a day and men sent five, the findings showed.

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