Brace Up For Super Fast PCs

Computers may no longer be tech darlings now that everyone uses their smartphones to do basically everything, but they’re about to get really exciting again.
About every two years, Intel introduces new processors that shape the computing industry and this year’s no different. Whereas the last two generations of chips were kinda like half steps in performance, the new 8th-generation
The first computers with 8th-gen chips, available in Core i5 or i7 (U-series) flavors, will ship at the beginning of September with up to 145 designs available. Desktop processors, codenamed Coffee Lake will ship in the fall and then enterprise versions later.
Every new generation of Intel’s Core chips usually brings speed boosts, but the company’s really not messing around this time. With 14-nanometer process and quad-cores (versus dual), new computers will see up to a 40% performance compared to Skylake-powered machines, and up to 50% faster speeds compared to a five-year-old system.
Whether you’re browsing the web, editing photos or videos, juggling documents and spreadsheets, or consuming media, the 8th-gen chips are designed to make everything quicker.
Compared to a five-year-old computer, general multitasking is snappier with 2x performance, web browsing is 1.9x faster, and photo editing in Adobe Lightroom is 2.3x faster.
More graphic-intensive tasks like rendering 4K video will see huge gains thanks to the two extra cores. Intel says rendering video is 14.7x faster than a computer from 2012. A 1-minute and 46-second 4K video encoded in HEVC weighing 440MB takes a computer with an 8th-gen chip three minutes to render versus 45 minutes on a 5-year-old machine.
With 8th-gen chips, you should be able to watch local 4K video for 10 continuous hours and up to 11 continuous hours of 4K video streaming on YouTube. Of course, these figures will depend on your computer and its battery capacity, but this is the benchmark Intel wants PC makers to aim for.

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