Brace Up For Redhead Emoji


Redhead emoji just moved one step closer to reality. Emoji with red hair are on the agenda for the next meeting of the Unicode Technical Committee, the organization that sets standards for the emoji you see on the smartphones and social networks millions use every day. Finally, gingers may get representation in the emoji universe.
It is to be mentioned that Apple is hosting the meeting, which begins January. 23, at its campus in Cupertino, California, reports Emojipedia. Jeremy Burge, who works for the site and gives technical advice to Unicode, clarified the approach for including redhead emoji in emoji keyboards in a detailed proposal. Turns out it’s not as straightforward as you might think.
In 2015, Apple finally introduced racially diverse emoji that allowed users to change the skin tone of any person emoji from the default yellow to one of five color options. More recently, the Unicode Consortium approved a person wearing a hijab emoji as well as a genderless person.
Sources said, the proposal goal is to narrow down the option for how the redhead emoji would be implemented. The deadline for 2017 emoji proposals passed months ago, so if Unicode decides to go ahead with a redhead emoji, the soonest we could see it is 2018. Until that happens, there are currently a few third party apps and keyboards that have a collection of redhead emoji to satisfy your ginger fix.

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