BMW Introduces Giant Wireless Charging Pad For The Cars

BMW’s is going to introduce a giant wireless charging pad for your car. The German auto maker explained that it’s planning on making a wireless inductive charger available in 2018.
The charging pad, essentially a giant version of the Qi chargers you put your smartphones on, will first come to the BMW 530e iPerformance plug-in hybrid, before other electric models.
As BMW shows in this video, the user will need to carefully drive your car over the plate, aligning the charging plate under your car with the pad on the ground.
The car maker says the 530e’s battery can be charged fully within 3.5 hours, comparable to how long it’d take if you plugged in your car the old-fashioned way with the wall cord. So, if you’ve already got an iPhone 8 (or you’ve been using Androids that’ve supported wireless charging for at least two years now), you’ll know that charging pads can be finicky. You need to carefully place your phone more or less dead centre of the plate, before it’ll start charging. So, if it’s that difficult with a phone, imagine how much harder it’ll be with a car.

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