Blackberry Rolls Out BBM To Windows Phone Users

Good news for BlackBerry users. The company has announced that its popular messaging system BBM, or BlackBerry Messenger, would now be available to those using the Windows phone platform. The move aims to potentially make the messaging service more appealing to its enterprise clients.

BlackBerry also wants to reinvent itself as a more software and services driven company in the wake of its dwindling market share. It has touting new BBM features in a bid to make it a more viable messaging tool for clients such as corporations and government agencies that are on the lookout for a secure messaging service.

Last year, the company opened the service to phones powered by Google Inc’s wildly popular Android operating system and Apple’s iOS platform.

The move to the Windows phone platform means the service is now available on all major smartphone platforms, making it a more effective tool for those clients that are considering using it as a communication tool. The company also wants to market it as a secure communications tool for government agencies and regulated sectors, such as financial services.
BBM which was pioneered mobile-messaging service has failed to keep pace with WhatsApp and other rivals. It still has over 85 million active users.

Last month, BlackBerry began to roll out BBM Protected, a secure messaging service tailored specifically to the needs of companies in regulated sectors.

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