Beware Before Giving Tablets To Your Kids

If you are among those parents who want tablets and ipads in the hands of your toddlers instead of books the article is a must read for you. It may be the correct time to pull the plug now.

Researchers in the US have found that children below the age of three who played non-educational games on smart phones and tablets received lower scores in verbal tests.

During the research, 63 families surveyed owned a touch screen device. The average toddler in the study started using a device at age 11 months, and used it for about 36 minutes a day.

About 60 percent of parents who were included in the research said they believed their kids did gain educational benefits by using a touch screen device.

However, the researchers did not find the kids’ cognitive development benefitted from the use of the devices in any way.
It has been said, books are the best friends and no gadgets can be substituted with them.

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