Beats Music Builds A Unique Music Experience

Beats Music has officially launched and become the latest contestant for your streaming music dollar.

The market for such services is already pretty crowded with Spotify, Google Play and Rdio already in the race.
But the company feels there are plenty of scope as several of the music lovers is yet to take the music subscription. After two years of plugging away, with a little help from Trent Reznor and its MOG acquisition, Beats feels it has something unique to offer; something built around curation, emotion and a personalized user experience.

The app spends a good amount of time getting to know you and your tastes. You’ll tap (like), double tap (love) and long press (hate) your way through bubbles bearing genres and artists. It doesn’t take long and Beats Music immediately starts serving up musical suggestions based those choices.

There are also options here to browse your playlists or your library, the latter of which are songs and albums that you’ve pinned for easy access. (That’s right, no saving albums as playlists here, huzzah!) So long as you’re a paying subscriber, you can download any of this content for listening offline and it will never expire and force you to re-download.

It all sounds good in theory, but the real question is whether the promises live upto reality or not. As usual, the answer is complicated and it awaits you after the break.

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