Bad Bosses May Damage Health

Bad boss
Boss is always correct is a mantra earnestly followed by every employee to have a smooth sailing in the office. But what if your boss makes life hellish in office? Researchers say, a bad boss would have a toll on your health and obviously affect your quality of work.

Experts also divide the boss into three categories. In the first category are those who mistrust co-workers, the second one has those who wants assigned work to be done anyhow and the third ones are those who are insecure and anxious about how they and their co-workers work.

Such traits are harmful for employees. Workplace stress increases the risk of heart disease and stroke, which may culminate into insomnia, depression and anxiety, weakens immune defense and can cause chronic muscle pains and migraines.

Problems in professional life affect brain activity. It causes stress and affects quality of life. It directly affects managing family and spending time with them gets difficult. Irritation, high blood pressure and diabetes occur in such cases.

A survey conducted by Assocham also revealed that 69% of corporate employees quit their jobs because of the attitude of their bosses or immediate supervisor while remaining move to a new position in the same company. Meanwhile, human resource professionals believe that they are careful in selecting employees and managers but predicting personality trait is a difficult task.

“Boss may not be correct always.”

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