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Google Is Preparing To End Search

Google recently launched a personalized news feed on the company’s flagship app, and it will soon rollout to browser versions of The update is a huge deal for a couple of reasons, first, it will be the most radical change to Google’s famously simple home page since 1996, or at least since the its

YouTube To Slain Its Video Editing Tools

If you’re working on a long editing project directly on YouTube, you now have a deadline. The Google-owned video platform announced on Friday it will shut down its built-in Video Editor feature on Sept. 20. The toolkit has been around since 2010, but has fallen on hard times. One of Google’s community managers wrote in

Pokemon Are Finally Coming To ‘Pokémon Go’

For the first time ever, legendary Pokémon are coming to Pokémon Go. On July 22, if players around the world and at the Pokémon Go Fest in Chicago complete certain challenges, legendary Pokémon will appear all over the world in the form of raid battles. Players will have to work together at gyms to defeat

Reliance Introduces JioPhone

Reliance Jio has introduced the JioPhone, a revolutionary smart feature phone at its Annual General Meeting. Chairman Mukesh Ambani announced the phone will have unlimited 4G data with free voice and declared digital freedom for all Indians. From voice commands to support for apps, the JioPhone comes with features unheard of in a phone from

Google Maps To Save You From Traffic Woes

Google maps have just got better at helping you avoid traffic. Similar to Google’s popular times feature for avoiding lines, the new update for the Google Maps Android app shows when there’s likely to be traffic to a specific destination. Now, when you search for directions, the app will show a small graph. A dashed

China Unveils Self-Driving Patrol Boats To Save People From Drowning

Robotic speedboats now ply the waters of a large lake in China, which has seen multiple deaths from drowning over the years. The autonomous watercraft is equipped with GPS, cameras, and acoustic and infrared sensors. It’s aiding lifeguards at the Tian’e Lake in Hefei, eastern China, which receives tens of thousands of people each day

Estonia All Set To Open World’s First Virtual Data Embassy

Estonia has taken yet another step forward in global technology, as the small Baltic state is set to open the world’s first data embassy in Luxembourg early next year. The heavily protected server room will contain important Estonian e-government data, so that the NATO and eurozone member can access it even when systems are down

LG Likely To Launch Its V30 Flagship On August 31

LG has sent out invites for the first major event at this year’s IFA tech trade show in Berlin. On August 31, the company will show a phone, and though the invite was information-scarce, we can quite safely assume that it’ll be the LG V30. The image in the invite shows the shape of a

China’s Cashier-Less Store Is Here

Chinese e-commerce giant Taobao has found another way to rival Amazon. It recently debuted a pop-up cashier-less cafe called Tao Cafe. You scan your smartphone at the door, grab what you need, and after you step out, the bill will be automatically sent to your smart phone. Sound familiar? Hundreds of eager Chinese customers experienced

Apple Is Adding 3D Lasers To The iPhone

Apple announced its augmented reality development kit (ARKit) at WWDC back in June. Now, the company appears to be adding a bunch of brand-new components to the next iPhone in order to beef up the new AR platform’s capabilities. The company is trying to add a rear-facing 3D laser system to the back of the

WhatsApp Unveils With New Features

das WhatsApp is adding a brand new feature in its latest update, the ability to share any file type. WhatsApp previously supported only documents, photos, and videos, but now users can share any file up to 100 MB. This new update could prove to be incredibly useful for people who want to share executable or