Audi Wants Vehicles To Contribute Over 25% Revenue By 2025

Chief Executive Rupert Stadler has said, that Audi aims to have three electric car models by 2020 and for electric vehicles to account for 25 to 30% of its sales by 2025.
Audi’s electric cars push is part of a strategic overhaul following the emissions scandal at parent Volkswagen.

Under the plan, which Stadler presented to Audi managers this week, the group will focus more resources on electric cars, digital services and autonomous driving.
Stadler said that Audi’s offering of electric cars would also include small vehicles in the A-segment. The company also plans to set up a subsidiary, to be called SDS Company, to develop an autonomous car.
In return for stepping up its focus on electric vehicles, autonomous driving and digital services, Audi will seek to reduce complexity in other areas.

A company source said that management would also reduce orders assigned to external development service providers and shift funds from that area towards electric cars, autonomous driving and digitalisation.
Stadler said that he expected Audi would not start serial production of a fuel cell car before 2020 because of the lack of charging stations.

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