Apple Watch Is More Popular Than Android Wear

As per the data compiled by Google Play, there are just 1.9 million Android Wear devices in use today, up from 1.2 million in February 2015. This figure, however, is far behind the Apple Watch which has seen sales of around seven million since its launch in April.

As we all know, every Android Wear device needs the associated app on an Android phone to function and so tracking downloads of the Wear app indicates how many watches have been sold and are in use.

On the face of it, 1.9 million Wear devices seems impressive but the total number of eligible Android users – i.e. people who use an Android phone that is version 4.3 or above – sits at around 949 million devices, meaning that Google has converted just 0.2% of its user base when it comes to wearables.

The trend in smartwatches appears to buck the trends in smartphones. According to Google CEO Sundar Pichai Android is by far the largest operating system by user count, with over 1.4 billion devices. Apple has sold around 750 million iPhones, according to CEO Tim Cook, and yet the Watch is more popular.

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