Apple Watch app Might Signal Company’s Healthcare Ambitions

Apple is reportedly getting ready to launch two new Apple Watch apps. The first is centered around sleep tracking, and the other uses heart rate information to assess fitness levels.
The unnamed sleep-tracking app will allow the wearer to monitor their sleeping habits. Though there are already a handful of Apple Watch apps that do this, it would be the first time Apple has made such an app.
The Cupertino-based company is also developing a new heart rate-tracking app that reportedly gauges fitness levels by measuring the time taken for the heart rate to fall from its peak to resting level. This would be a step up from the Apple Watch’s current heart rate-monitoring app, which tracks your heart rate but doesn’t offer any analysis of the data.
The report doesn’t elaborate on exactly how either will work, but both apps are apparently part of a larger plan the company has to broaden its footprint in the healthcare industry..
Apple’s goal is to increase use of HealthKit, its platform for app-generated health data, in medical settings.
There have been other signs of Apple’s healthcare ambitions. It is to be mentioned that the company acquired Glimpse, a medical records startup, earlier this year. And Apple CEO Tim Cook has signaled in prior interviews and public appearances that he believes Apple is well-positioned to solve some of the problems facing the healthcare industry.

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