Apple Unlikely to Launch Any New Laptops Next Month

In a latest development, Apple is unlikely to launch any new laptops at its September iPhone launch event, which will herald the arrival of a headphone-jack-less iPhone and a new Apple Watch.
There’s also been no official word on when the new MacBook Pro will arrive, or indeed what it will look like. As with all things Mac, the rumor mill is filling the information vacuum that Apple has created. If what we’ve heard is to be believed, we’re about to see one of the biggest shakeups to Apple’s computer line since the move to Apple in 2006.
Apple will discontinue the ancient and unloved non-retina MacBook Pro. Experts say, the MacBook Air may also be dropped.
They also believe He also believes that the new MacBook Pro will be slightly thinner than the previous version, and ship with a secondary OLED touchscreen, which will replace the function keys. The top-of-the-line models will use AMD’s Radeon Polaris graphics card, which is around twenty percent thinner than other chipsets, and offers vastly improved gaming and VR performance .
If the Bloomberg report is to be believed, the trackpad will be wider than earlier models, and include Apple’s pressure sensitive Force Touch technology, which debuted on the Retina MacBook last year. The power button will be TouchID enabled.

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