Apple To Showcase Unveil ‘Smart Home’ System: Sources

Apple would soon unveil a smart home concept at its Worldwide Developers Conference, if sources are to be believed.

Sources further said, the company is planning to showcase a system that lets users control their lights, appliances and security systems with their iPhones. The rumored introduction comes after Google purchased Nest Labs, a smart thermostat started by former Apple execs Tony Fadell and Matt Rogers, for $2.8 billion in January.

A “handful of device makers would be certified to offer products that work with Apple’s upcoming system, say the sources which didn’t name any of the manufacturers.

Apple hinted its interest in the category in a June 2012 patent filling for a technology that connects lighting systems, security systems, garage-door openers, music controllers, climate controllers or kitchen appliances with mobile devices.

According to Business Insider, the Internet of Things, as the class of smart appliances that interact with mobile devices and desktops is known, will account for 9 billion products by 2018.

Be ready to control everything with a press of a button.

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