Apple: The Wait For ‘Killer App’ Continues

Software developers are skeptical about the killer app for Apple watch, as few have seen the product and the software is still in test mode.
Though the app makers are passionate about developing for the Apple Watch, several are apprehensive about the prospects of coming up with a big idea for the little computer on a wrist that hits stores next month.

Experts say, a killer app that grabs consumers’ attention will be key to the success of Apple Watch and could spawn new companies, as the iPhone did. The photo-sharing app Instagram grew into a $1 billion business bought by Facebook Inc, and Snapchat has gone from a mobile messaging app to a company valued at $19 billion.

It is well known that Apple has blocked some features, such as the gyroscope and accelerometer, on the development kit, and the watch simulator cannot test all functions, developers said. The company, however, declined to comment on why developers cannot access certain features.

Markiyan Matsekh, product manager at software engineering firm Eleks said the limitations are discouraging. He helped develop a Watch app to control a Tesla Model S without involvement from the electric carmaker.

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