Apple Struck Deals With Major Partners For Mobile Payments: Sources

Apple has finally embraced mobile payments. Sources say, not only will the iphone 6 come packing a payment system, but apple has even lined up some major partners for announcement day.

Sources say, both cvs and walgreens should be able to accept mobile iphone purchases just as soon as you can get one in your hands.

Walgreens and apple, however, declined to comment, whle a cvs representative denied the claim altogether, but pairing with major drugstore chains makes a lot of sense for a user base that will be dipping its toes in mobile payments for what will largely be the first time.

Getting the two pharmacy giants on board is a coup for another reason: people shop there often – weekly or even daily – giving apple mobile payments the type of frequent transactions that could be key to getting people accustomed to the new service. Payments could also become an important new revenue source for apple.

If apple really has paired with the chains, the list probably doesn’t end at cvs and walgreens. There’s already been whisperings of an american express partnership and since apple is technically already late to the nfc game, it’s going to want to hit the ground running.

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