Apple Drags Ericsson To Court Over Pricey Patents

In a fresh development, Apple Inc has sued Ericsson alleging that the Swedish company’s LTE wireless technology patents are not essential to industry cellular standards and that it is demanding excessive royalties for these patents.

The iPhone maker said it has not violated any patent rights and does not owe royalties for them.

Apple says that the mobile telecoms gear maker is seeking royalties for the LTE technology calculated as a percentage of the price of the entire smartphone or tablet.

The royalties should be based on the value of the processor chip that includes the technology. The company has filed a federal court in California.

Apple said it wants the court to assign a reasonable royalty rate if Ericsson’s patents are deemed essential and the court rules Apple has infringed on them.
Apple and Ericsson currently have a license agreement that covers many of Ericsson’s allegedly standard-essential patents. The deal was signed in 2008 soon after Apple launched the iPhone, according to the court filing.

Representatives at Ericsson could not be contacted for comment.

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