Apple Deletes Weed Dealing Game From App Store

Weed firm
Apple has been removed Weed Firm game from the iTunes App Store this week, shortly after it ranked number one on the store’s download charts.
In the game, players walk in the shoes of pot dealer Ted Growing through his vicious and lawless career growing marijuana plants and selling pot while dodging “crooked cops” and “dangerous gangsters.”
Apple is yet to clarify the reason behind the removal of the game.

The shocked Developer Manitoba Games said it was also left in the dark about the game’s removal.
Apple has avoided taking similar action on her weed-related apps from its store. Weed Maps allows you to find medical marijuana dispensaries near you. And a game called Weed Tycoon lets players set up virtual pot shops, set prices for different strains, and buy farms to grow your weed.

While Weed Firm’s character is leading a “lawless” career, it’s perfectly legal to buy and sell pot in the state of Colorado, though sellers must be licensed by the state and adhere to strict guidelines that Ted Growing may not be used to. The company, however, says in the opening credits that the game is a work of fiction and is not a manual on how to grow or deal weed.

Still, the legality of marijuana remains questionable. Colorado and Washington are the only states where you can legally buy recreational marijuana and it remains illegal under the law of the land.

Manitoba Games said it is planning to get Weed Firm back in the Apple store after making some changes. It was also taken down from the Google (GOOGL) Play store, but the company said that was due to a problem with the game’s publisher and not with Google. It is expected to return after finding a new publisher.

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