Apple Bringing Siri To Mac OS: Sources

Apple will soon be bringing its voice-based virtual assistant Siri to Mac OS . A leaked image showing the Siriicon on Mac OS’ menu bar and dock has surfaced online. The voice assistant is rumoured to arrive as a part of the OS X 10.12 update, and will likely be demonstrated during Apple’s upcoming Wordwide Developers Conference.
The image shows a black and white Siri logo in the menu bar and a Siri icon in the dock. A ‘Hey Siri’ option has also been spotted in the Siri’s settings. However, the option is disabled by default.
Siri integration might still be in its early stages. This also means that everything from the icons to how Siri handles the commands might change by the time the feature is rolled out to users. It’s also mentioned that the same voice commands on iOS could be used in the OS X version as well. Voice command support for tasks like opening apps, conducting web searches, controlling HomeKit, sending text messages, reading emails, setting calendar events and more is expected to come through Siri’s OS X version.S
Meanwhile, Apple has confirmed that it’ll be setting up an app design and development accelerator in Bengaluru to support engineering talent and grow the country’s iOS developer community.

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