App To Deal With Unhappiness At Work

Are you unhappy about a co-worker’s attitude and want to blurt it out once and for all? Solution is on head. Here comes an app that provides you an outlet to give vent about your feelings without identifying you to him or her.

Christened as ‘Memo,’ the messaging app has been developed by Ryan Janssen from a company called collectively, for working professionals.

Here, users have to verify their affiliation with a company first either via LinkedIn or a company e-mail.

Companies are then assigned ‘memo boards’ on the app. Users are also free to post anonymously to their company group.

Similarly, posts can also be shared publicly but they are only identified by the company the users are working for. According to Janssen, the app has seen some push backs from the companies but the overall response is good.

The app’s privacy policy says there is nothing it can do if a person is identified, but tells users: Don’t be mean.

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