Angry Birds maker to go for job cuts

Finnish mobile games maker Rovio, owner of the globally successful Angry Birds brand, said that it was planning to cut up to 130 jobs in Finland, or 16% of its total workforce.

Rovio claims that Angry Birds game is the No. 1 paid mobile application of all time. The players use a slingshot to attack pigs who steal birds’ eggs,

Rovio has expanded the brand into an animated TV series and merchandising of toys and clothing, but at the same time it has struggled to retain players, resulting to its earnings halving last year.

Rovio Entertainment, maker of the mobile device game, plans to eliminate up to 130 jobs, or 16% of the company’s workforce, in Finland.

In a statement, the company’s CEO Mikael Hed defended the move and termed it as an effort to simplify Rovio’s operations and focus on businesses with the most growth potential, such as games, media and consumer products.

Rovio has grown from a video game developer into a diversified entertainment company following the success of its Angry Bird franchise.

The CEO said it was a difficult decision to make, but concluded that it’s better to announce the layoffs “sooner rather than later.

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