An App That Says “Yo” Becomes An Instant Hit In The Us: Reports

According to US media reports, a new instant messaging app that only allows users to send a single word to their friends has become a massive hit, raising $1 million in two months.

The Yo app lets users say “Yo” to their friends, sending them a text notification accompanied by a recorded voice shouting the greeting. The founders say, it has a lot of potential and call it as context-based messaging.

The founders also said, the app could allow newspapers and blogs to notify subscribers that a new article has been published or posted, using a Yo.

Yo is also taking advantage of World Cup frenzy. Any user sending a Yo to “WORLDCUP” will receive a Yo notification when a goal is scored. Reviews on Apple’s App Store were positive, but some delved into sarcasm.

News website Think Progress says the app, which took just eight hours to build, now has 50,000 users who have sent about four million Yos. Interestingly, the company has four part-time employees and the app is available for free on the iOS and Android operating systems.

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