Americans Have Become Really Smart

The US has become really smart, when it comes to phones. A research by Nelson has shown that 65 percent of all Americans owned smartphones in 2013. That’s a big step up from 44 percent in 2011, and smartphones are now more common than game consoles (46 percent) and digital cable (54 percent). Americans are also increasingly tech-savvy, with an average of four devices per person; 29 percent of them have a tablet versus just 5 percent two years ago.

The report also states that Americans spent an average of 34 hours per month using mobile apps and browsers in 2013; that’s more time than they spent online with their PCs, which chewed up 27 hours. Social networking use is declining on the desktop, too, while it’s surging in mobile. Smartphones aren’t as ubiquitous as TVs at this stage, but time is not far away when all Americans will become smart.

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