Amazon Sits On The Rooftop

With an aim to boost its business, Amazon has purchased Rooftop Media, an online service that licenses the rights to thousands of hours of comedy audio and videos to various media outlets.

Though the terms of deal were kept under wraps, Amazon will fold Rooftop Media’s 10 employees into Audible, the audiobooks service that Amazon bought six years ago for $300 million.

Experts say, the deal is the latest attempt by Amazon to expand its digital entertainment content and comes a couple of months after the company swooped in to buy video game streaming service Twitch for $1.1 billion after the latter’s deal with Google fell apart.

What is Rooftop Media?

It records audio and video of comedians in stand-up performances as well as sketch comedy shows and comedic short films, all of which are licensed to media and marketing companies either for live broadcast or to be made available on demand.

The content provided by Rooftop Media’s content has been embraced by millions of customers globally. The company’s CEO Will Rogers said that joining Amazon and Audible would significantly increase his company’s audience.

Like Rooftop, Audible is obsessed with producing incredible programming, and Audible’s commitment to expanding its content offerings on behalf of its customers represents a tremendous new audience for Rooftop talent.

Audible is world’s largest provider of downloadable audiobooks, with more than 170,000 available titles.

Like Netflix, Amazon has also been stepping up its production of original media content including several television series and used it to market its tablets, smartphones, a set-top TV box and, now, the Fire TV Stick.

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