Amazon Readies To Cash In On The Festive Season

Amazon is organising multiple events in India for sellers to groom them for increasing sales ahead of the upcoming festival season. The local unit of the US ecommerce major is also incentivising sellers for listing highly viewed products on its platform.

Sellers on the Amazon platform saw a three-to-five-fold increase in sales during the festival season last year, and the fourth quarter of 2015, in terms of sales, was bigger than all of 2014, he said. Hence, the company wants to be prepared for such a situation this time as well.

Amazon has close to 1.4 million products available for same day or next day shipment. It wants to prepare sellers for the newly launched service, Prime.
The US company recently shared with some sellers a list of highly viewed out-of-stock products.
Ecommerce marketplaces in India are trying out innovative ways to increase sales on their platforms and make the best use of the biggest shopping opportunity of the year in the upcoming festival season.
It is to be noted that ecommerce companies are working with online sellers to make use of analytics and data to understand customer behaviour and increase sales. They are offering fatter margins during the season as incentive to sellers and encouraging them to pass on the benefits to consumers. Online marketplaces have also been consolidating their backend and logistics networks to ensure faster deliveries to consumers.
Besides, they have been trying to lure sellers by reducing commission and making reverse logistics simpler as that adds to the operational cost of sellers and products remain stuck in transit for long time periods.

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