Alphabet is Selling Its Robotics Company: Reports

Google’s parent company Alphabet Inc has put Boston Dynamics, part of its robotics division, up for sale for lack of revenue potential as per media reports.
Sources said, the possible buyers Inc and Toyota Motor Corp’s research and development company the Toyota Research Institute (TRI).

Boston Dynamics, bought by Alphabet in 2013, is best known for building robots that look as if they belong in a science-fiction movie and are often co-developed or funded by the US military.

It is to be mentioned that Boston Dynamic’s products include Cheetah, which it claims to be world’s fastest legged robot as well as RiSE, a robot that climbs vertical terrains such as walls, trees and fences. Amazon has installed thousands of robots across its warehouses to cut operating costs and get packages out the door more quickly. TRI said in January it had hired a team of scientists and engineers to help drive research into artificial intelligence and robots.

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