Alextra Pharmaceuticals Aim For Healthy Future

Alextra Pharmaceuticals is a rapidly growing pharma company. The Bengal based company markets its pharmaceutical formulations as branded generics and generics in India. Brands of Alextra address are used in the areas of general care, maternal care, cardiology, diabetology, nutaceuticals, oro-dental. The company claims to provide the highest quality product with ensuring product integrity, patient safety and positive patient experiences throughout the product lifecycle.

Alextrians have diverse backgrounds from multinational pharma companies, medical,quality assurance, drug development and supply chain management due to the unique collection of skills and resources. The company aims to work for an ailment-free earth, a sustainable natural environment and a healthy global population. The company’s business philosophy based on delivering value to its stakeholders and healthcare delight to patients constantly inspires Alextrians to achieve excellence and set global benchmarks. The company works with the motto of “Innovate, Develop and Succeed.”

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