Addiction For Social Media Goes Up When Abroad

social media
Posting, tweeting and tagging ourselves at different locations or during holidays has become a trend.

A research has shown that many Brits become 16 times more addicted to social media while holidaying. An online travel agency in the UK has claimed that a gadget freak tourist from Britain will update his Facebook status 10 times, send 23 text messages, post four tweets and add two pictures to his Instagram account when abroad.

The site carried out the research and found that many Brits admit to finding it difficult to distance themselves from their gadgets and gizmos while on a holiday abroad.

As many as 89% of respondents admitted that they took their mobile phone abroad on holiday with them on their last trip, while 39% had taken a tablet device, 26% had taken an e-reader of some description and 11% had taken a laptop. Many also admitted to using social media abroad with 41% revealing they want to stay in the loop with everything back home in Britain. A further 41% said that they like to brag about their holiday.

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