Addicted To The World Wide Web?

Addicted of Internet? Be careful as Internet Addiction Disorder can take a toll on your body. Here’s how to recognize signs and take effective action.

Internet Addiction Disorder is a relatively new phenomenon that has arisen from the fact that the web is now an inextricable part of most of our lives. It’s completely true that the World Wide Web gives us the means to find out information easily, increase our knowledge and even meet people in real life.
However, there is a flip side, as going online has become an unhealthy obsession for some. Additionally, people might turn to the virtual world as a form of escapism or to deal with negative emotions.

Though Internet Addiction Disorder is new in the field of psychiatry, there is an increasing amount of information on it. However, if you do spend a considerable amount of time in front of a computer when you don’t have to or stay up till the wee hours day after day to play videogames, you should give this a thought.

Every time you log on to different sites, set yourself a time and a checklist of what you want to do online. After that, make it a point to log off when the time runs out. Do this every time you are online, and try to reduce the amount of time you are online gradually.

Good books and magazines to read might decrease your temptation to go online.

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