A Small Blog Joining The Fight Against Unhealthy Eating Habits

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Food, food, food. Everyone’s at it, to varying degrees. And so are Dave and Howie, two friends and hobby chefs trying to inspire a healthier diet, one blog at a time. They created the recipe blog Hurry The Food Up, only publishing quick, tasty and healthy recipes.

The concept of their blog became more concrete when they realized that taste and convenience is right at the top of the list for most people when it comes to food choice. Unfortunately convenient and tasty foods are mostly unhealthy.

And that is where Hurry The Food Up comes in. The idea is to offer recipes that are as convenient and as tasty as most fast food out there, BUT healthy. It’s an attempt to make home cooking more attractive than fast food. Even if you’re rubbish at cooking.

Convenient, tasty and healthy

This means all of their recipes can be made and cooked in less than thirty minutes, and most in much under twenty. The ingredients are easy to get and the recipes are simple to follow. They even provide helpful video links for each meal.

Also Dave and Howie say they test the recipes thoroughly before they put them on their website. Nothing goes up if the two of them don’t fully enjoy the meal.

What makes them different?

Healthy can mean different things to different people. Many assume that a food that is low in calories must be good for you. Hurry The Food Up has a different approach. Over two billion people across the world suffer from iron deficiency – in both developing and industrialised countries (anaemia). It’s problems like these that Howie and Dave hope to tackle. “So many people don’t get enough of the right foods – be it iron or fiber, protein or vitamin A, and their bodies pay the price. Our recipes reflect this, and we hope to encourage people to get those well-needed nutrients inside them”.

Next step: Directly competing with McDonald’s

They say in the near future they can imagine going offline with a restaurant franchise offering many of the recipes from their blog to further promote the idea that eating healthy is neither inconvenient nor boring.

Visit their website at hurrythefoodup.com

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