8 Gadgets To Define Your Luxury

luxury gadgets
Technology and gadgets are part of our lives nowadays. Think about functioning without your smartphone and internet for a day and feel yourself setting into a panic mode. There are number of gadgets that are highly priced yet add little or no significant value to one’s day to day functioning.

1. The Kohler Numi Toilet System: $6,400
The Numi features a touch-screen remote control. The Numi washes and dries its user. The most striking feature of the Numi is what you don’t get: any visible levers or buttons. All the Numi controls are handled through a touch screen remote control which controls flushing, cleaning, drying, music, heating and other settings and preferences; combinations of preferences can be stored in user profiles for different family members.

2. MWE Emperor 200 PC WorkStation: $49,150
The MWE Emperor 200 is about the fanciest computer workstation you can buy these days. The Emperor 200 is the ultimate computer workstation with several exclusive features such as touch screen control center, air filtering system, light therapy, electric powered leather seat, up to 3 x 27″ LED screens and breathtaking sound.

3. Megatrend MKIII Speakers: $80,000
These speakers form a speaker wall at seven feet tall and more than three feet wide. That’s one half of the pair they come in. Each speaker comes in two pieces: the wall with 24 eight-inch woofers, and an accompanying ribbon-line speaker tower for the high end.

4. Aurumania Gold Bicycle: $104,744
A 24 carat gold plated bike with 600 crystallized Swarovski Elements, equipped with Brooks brown leather saddle, no questions asked 10 year guarantee and a worldwide delivery through the White Glove Service.

5. 103-inch Plasma Yalos Diamond TV: $130,000
This TV comes has 160 real diamonds studded on its panel, which collectively adds up to 20 carats. The TV was designed by Takahide Sano, a Japanese designer. This TV is available in sizes up to 46 inches and you would not be able to see any welds or screws in it!

6. Vertu Constellation Smartphone: $13,800
Made with specially chosen calf leather and a sapphire glass screen, this Android phone is as good as any other high end smartphone in the market. The high point of this phone is the concierge and security service that it comes with. Nothing less than AmEx Black!

7. Steinway Lyngdorf Model LS Concert Speakers: $250,000
Danish company Steinway Lyngdorf, the high end company known for delivering high-performance digital ‘perfect sound systems’ launched these concert speakers. The LS stands for “line source,” a type of speaker array used in large theatres and concert halls. Spectacular sound quality with a speaker that’s over 8 feet tall and only 16 inches wide.

8. Harry Winston Opus 12 Watch: $260,000
Opus 12 goes into action in a remarkable way, its hands changing the guard every five minutes. At each change of the hour, the movement executes a very elaborate drill exercise by the successive rotation of the hands.

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