5 Useful Healthcare Gadgets To Keep You Fit

Technology is not only synonymous with just smart phones and tablets, but it also has several healthcare devices to keep you fit and healthy. We here give you the list of five gadgets that you should have in your home.

1. OneTouch Ultra 2 Gluco Monitor
Diabetes is slowly acquiring an epidemic form across the world. It is of utmost importance for a diabetic to measure their blood sugar levels and study the effect of different food groups and daily habits on it. OneTouch Ultra 2 Gluco follows the usual easy-to-use method of inserting the test strip, applying a blood sample on it and getting results in five seconds. The meter has an in-built memory of 500 tests, which, in turn, can maintain hierarchical records of your sugar levels over a period of time.

2. iHealth Blood Pressure Monitor- BP7
BP7 uses oscillometric principle to measure the systolic, diastolic blood pressure and pulse rate. It is a wireless cuff that has to be strapped around your wrist. A motion sensor automatically switches it on once you wear it, and turns off when you put it back in its case. One has to switch on a button for Bluetooth pairing and to begin measuring.. It pairs over the Bluetooth to your iPhone or iPad and downloads all the data via its free App iHealth MYVitals.

3. VISIQ by Philips
Ultrasounds have become an important part of safe pregnancies and pre- birth diagnosis of certain disorders in the unborn foetus. The facility is available at every hospital and pathology labs, but expectant mothers in remote areas depend on half-baked knowledge of mid-wives and village doctors. VISIQ is a portable ultrasound machine that can take this facility to the homes of expectant mothers even in the remotest of areas. This machine is not to be used at home or without medical supervision under any circumstances.

4. LG Mosquito Away
We all know how dangerous are mosquitoes who carry germs and infections and also serious diseases. With its mosquito away range of Air Conditioners, LG provides a solution to get rid of the pesky creatures while cooling the room. By pressing the Mosquito Away button, the AC emits ultrasonic waves, which disrupts the mosquitoes’ sensory cells, driving them away.

5. LumoBack Posture Sensor
Bad posture is often responsible for most of the back-related problems. Our mothers always reminded us to sit straight, to stop slouching and to walk straight with the head held high. LumoBack Posture Sensor does exactly that. It is a wireless sensor that is worn with a Velcro strap, which is in turn buckled to your waist, under or over the clothes. The LumoBack senses your posture and gently vibrates when you slouch. The vibrations act as a reminder to stand up or sit straight, preventing back pains.

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