5 tips To Keep Your Facebook Safe

The privacy of Facebook is very important in these days of cyber crime. Here are six clean-up tips by which you can keep your Facebook safe and secure:

1. Secure your account
You’ve doubtless heard you should have a strong password. It’s especially important for email and social-networking accounts because so much of your digital life revolves around them. Plus, many other services let you log on using your Facebook account, so if that gets compromised, so will your other accounts.

2. Review your privacy settings
Facebook offers a series of quick privacy shortcuts. On desktops and laptops, look for the small padlock on the upper right corner. On Apple and Android devices, access shortcuts through the menu — the three horizontal bars.

The key shortcut is “Who can see my stuff?” See whether you’ve been inadvertently broadcasting your musings to all of Facebook. You’ll probably want to at least limit sharing to “Friends” rather than “Public,” though you can customise that further to exclude certain individuals or groups — such as coworkers, or grandparents. When sharing, less is more.

3. Unfriend away
Purge friends you’re no longer in touch with. If you think “unfriending” is too mean, add them to an Acquaintances or Restricted list. Acquaintances means they won’t show up in your news feed often, though they’ll still have full access to any posts you distribute to your friends. Restricted means they’ll only see posts you mark as public. Either is effectively a way to unfriend someone without dropping any clues you’ve done so.

4. Watch those apps
The Privacy Checkup tool on PCs will review apps for you automatically. On mobile devices, look for Apps in the account settings (not “Apps” in the main menu).
A related option is the Security Checkup tool. It’s an easy way to log out of Facebook on devices you rarely use. You can also enable alerts when someone tries to sign on from a new device or browser. To run this, go to http://facebook.com/securitycheckup on a PC. On the Android app, search for “security checkup” in the Help Centre. On iOS, you’ll have to find the options individually in the account settings under “Security.”

5. Control your data
You can exert some influence over whose posts you see more or less often by going to “News Feeds Preferences.” The setting is on the top right on browsers and Android apps and on the lower right on iPhones. Here, you can select friends who’ll always show up on top, or hide someone’s posts completely.

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