5 Tips To Boost Your Smartphone Battery Backup

In this busy world, you need smartphone to constantly keep in touch with your friends and work. But the problem arises when your battery doesn’t support you and runs out. Here are simple steps by which you can get more out of your smartphone battery.

1. Keep a check on what’s consuming your battery: Catch the culprit. You can check battery usage on the iPhone (iOS 8+), under the sub-menu of general settings. On Android phones, you can go to the battery settings. Android offers detailed statistics including battery usage data for screen and Wi-fi. You can then regulate your usage and dismiss any apps open in the background when you’re not actively using them. Most Android phones have an open apps menu which can be launched by short pressing or long pressing the menu navigation key. The same can be fired up by double pressing the home button on the iPhone. You can also turn off background app refresh for all apps you don’t care about in the iPhone’s settings.

2. Don’t go for full brightness: You really don’t need to put your phone display on full brightness. At times, even the auto-brightness setting is brighter than what you actually need. Disable that setting and set the brightness at a level that’s comfortable to your eyes. Not only will you be saving your smartphone battery, you’ll also prevent eye strain caused by screen glare.

3. Disable auto app updates: You really don’t need to get notifications from all apps. A number of app notifications are just promotional messages or unnecessary updates. These wake up the phone and turn on the display reducing your smartphone’s standby time. The iPhone offers granular notification settings for individual apps. Android also lets you disable notifications through the Apps settings.

4. Turn off Bluetooth when not needed: These things might be taking a toll on your battery. Your phone’s communication antennas keep scanning for devices and networks when turned on, taking a toll on battery life. Turning off Bluetooth when you’re not transferring a file or using wireless headphones is a good idea. Turning off Wi-fi when you don’t have access to a Wi-fi network will also help in conserving the battery. You should also turn off location services when not using a navigation app or checking-in on Facebook or Swarm. The phone’s GPS receiver constantly looks for a signal if these are turned on.
5. Always carry a portable charger: Most of the modern smartphones last just about a day with moderate use and less than that if you’re a power user. If you want to stay constantly updated with the latest tweets or your Facebook feed, play mobile games in your free time, read the news and still manage to click a few selfies, we’d recommend carrying a good portable charger with you. Carry a car charger so that you can feed your phone while it’s not in use.

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