5 Tips For A Memorable Pre-wedding Photoshoot

It’s true that what was earlier limited to simply getting moments documented during weddings has now become an important part of the big fat wedding. Of course, we’re talking about pre-wedding photography. Since many of these pictures now double up as invites and go up on your social media accounts, here’s taking a look at things you need to keep in mind to make it unforgettable.

1. Select the right photographer
First and foremost, choose the right photographer and this does not necessarily mean the best photographer in town. Look for one whose style and vision matches yours and not to forget, your budget too.

2. Chose the right outfit
Consult your photographer for the costume. For example, if you want a silhouette shot during sunrise or sunset, figure hugging costumes are great. Similarly, the place you zero in on will also affect your costume choices.

3. Props that tell your story
Silhouettes with interesting props like an umbrella during sunrise or sunset may be cliche, but works well.

4. Chose your locations, wisely
Select four to five locations and consult your photographer on it. Opt for a place where you get to shoot for free. Some places look good at certain times in the day — work your shoot accordingly.

5. Try to retain the same photographer
Build a good rapport with the photographer to capture your wedding moments, since you’ll already be comfortable with him/her and be acquainted with his style. This will help in creating a suitable couple-style shoot for the two of you and he/she will be able to document your love story, better. Plus, you’ll get better deals, too!

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