4 ways to remain tension free

It’s true that we all get anxious from time to time. Situations and circumstances often bring with them anxiety that refuses to subside. But don’t let it overpower your life. Here are some simple tips to deal with the enemy:

1. Identify the trigger:- Try to find it out what sets off your anxiety’? Is it the idea of making a presentation in front of your team at work? Does the idea of travelling in a train during peak hours make you nervous?

You need to recognize the problem and then try to deal with it. For instance, imagine all the benefits that will come your way when you make a good presentation.

Or travel by another means of transport if packed trains freak you out. Put things in perspective and go ahead from there.

2. Time for worry:- Instead of spending all day (or night) worrying about something that is not in your control, keep aside 10, 15 or 20 minutes just to fret and worry. You can mope around all you like in that time.

Let your anxiety take over you then. But then consciously make an effort to not let it bother you.

Don’t waste your present by worrying about the past or the future.

Instead, focus on the ‘now’. And don’t allow yourself to waste time feeling anxious — chances are, it isn’t even worth it.

3. Question yourself:- Ask yourself whether this matter a year from now? If it doesn’t, it simply isn’t worth getting anxious about!

4. Distract your mind:- When you discuss and share your problems, you also get another person’s opinions, a different viewpoint. And that just might help you see things in a different light.

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