10 Interesting Facts About Christmas

Merry ChristmasChristmas is just two days away and we share with you some of the interesting facts which in case you were unaware of till know.

1. In A.D. 350, Pope Julius I, bishop of Rome, proclaimed December 25 the official celebration date for the birthday of Christ.

2. Santa Claus is based on a real person, St. Nikolas of Myra (also known as Nikolaos the Wonderworker, Bishop Saint Nicholas of Smyrna, and Nikolaos of Bari), who lived during the fourth century.

3. Christmas stockings allegedly evolved from three sisters who were too poor to afford a marriage dowry and were, therefore, doomed to a life of prostitution. They were saved, however, when the wealthy Bishop Saint Nicholas of Smyrna (the precursor to Santa Claus) crept down their chimney and generously filled their stockings with gold coins.

4. Many European countries believed that spirits, both good and evil, were active during the Twelve Days of Christmas.

5. The Germans made the first artificial Christmas trees out of dyed goose feathers’

6. The first person to decorate a Christmas tree was reportedly the Protestant reformer Martin Luther (1483-1546).

7. According to the Guinness world records, the tallest Christmas tree ever cut was a 221-foot Douglas fir that was displayed in 1950 at the Northgate Shopping Center in Seattle, Washington.e

8. The traditional three colors of Christmas are green, red, and gold. Green has long been a symbol of life and rebirth; red symbolizes the blood of Christ, and gold represents light as well as wealth and royalty.

9. The first printed reference to a Christmas tree was in 1531 in Germany.f

10. The world’s largest Christmas stocking measured 106 feet and 9 inches long and 49 feet and 1 inch wide. was made by the Children’s Society in London on December 14, 2007.e

Merry Christmas!

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